Our Story

May 1st, 2018

Hello everyone, my name is Melynda and I am the creator of Royal Dreams Costumes and Event Entertainment. I am an artist and designer and have been creating and performing most of my life. I studied Fine Arts, Costume Construction, and Technical Theater Arts for 6 years in college and I worked in the costuming department at Disneyland for a year.

I am a huge Disnerd and I love all things fantasy. I loved working for Disney and making magic for the guests, but Northern California is my home, so when deciding to move back, it became my dream to bring a piece of the magic home with me, this is how Royal Dreams came to be.

I am the designer and maker of all the costumes, wigs, and accessories, but I cannot do it all alone, so with my wonderful performers we are bringing your favorite characters to life and making Royal Dreams come true!